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In all the world of wood working, there?s perhaps no greater sound than a bandsaw going to town on a long stretch of wood. One of the most useful tools in any serious woodworker?s arsenal, a bandsaw can save you tons of time and money when it comes to your woodworking, either professionally or as a hobby.

But anyone who has ever used a bandsaw to any great lengths will tell you it has a fatal flaw: it is extremely difficult to keep your cuts on course. And it gets even harder the longer the wood.

The way to fix this flaw, however, is really simple. For straight cuts and dependable use out of your bandsaw every time, you need a bandsaw fence.

That's why Canaco Accusquare has developed the most versatile fence system on the market today.

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Bandsaw Accessories

MB Bandsaw Fence with Resaw Guide MB Bandsaw Fence with Resaw Guide  
$45.00 Shipping
Our bandsaw fence system brings a new level of accuracy to your bandsaw The front guide bar is 24" long yielding plenty of rip capacity on both sides of the blade. Due to various thickness of table tops, we provide adapters with every system. If ripping or re-sawing is in your bandsaw's future, you owe it to yourself to own an Accusquare Bandsaw Fence. (Bandsaw shown with a tall guide board attached using t-slots - not included)

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