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About Us

Thank you for your interest in our products.

Our dedication to quality adds accuracy, productivity and reliability to your workshop.

Quality Workmanship
Achieving professional results with your tablesaw or bandsaw is easy with the addition of a Mule Cabinetmaker Machine accessory. Each piece of equipment is designed to improve the quality of goods you produce by improving your ability to operate your saws.

Accuracy is the number one priority whether you are a professional cabinetmaker or a woodworking hobbyist. Precision is essential to good results. At MULE Cabinetmaker Machine, we understand that and have made accuracy and precision our number one priority.

Ease of Use
Once you have installed a MULE Cabinetmaker Machine product you need never align it again. When using a MULE Cabinetmaker Machine accessory, there is no need to allow time for set up - they are exact and ready for use from the moment you complete installation. All products can be moved about without readjustment.

Attention to Detail
Every single detail on every single product has been closely examined and considered to make each MULE Cabinetmaker Machine product dependable and a pleasure to use. These are details you may not notice but will appreciate as you breeze through your various applications without hassle.

Highest Quality Materials
The materials used in all MULE Cabinetmaker Machine products are the best available. Aluminum is extruded to our specifications. Steel parts are computer generated. Measurements are electronically calibrated. We demand the precision that you expect. No one beats the quality of our materials or the quality of our machining and it shows in our products.

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